2019-09-25 16:24:53

Crocky Trail

Last Saturday, 9 of our Cubs went to the Crocky Trail in Chester along with approximately 90 others Cubs from Southport. In the morning we went around the trail, which took nearly 2 hours and had a good time on all the swings, mazes and water cannons that were along the trail. In the afternoon, the Cubs had a wonderful time enjoying slides called Titanic, Valhalla, the Black Hole and the wonderfully named Flusher.

The weather was excellent so everybody went home dry after having a fun day, even if they didn't enjoy Akela's singing on the coach home.


2019-09-19 11:34:03

Welcome to the new website for the 58th Southport, Holy Family Scout Group

Changes have come to our website. Check back regularly for news about our Scout Group being posted here.