Go Outside 2022

The Cubs had a great time at Go Outside today. They began by donning their camouflage cream and then started the day’s activities.

In the morning they began with a scavenger hunt and then on to the next base that began with some vigorous exercise and the Cubs learnt how to do a leopard crawl. They used this skill when tackling the assault course, which was next.

After this the Cubs prepared a fire and used a flint and steel to light it. A marshmallow was then cooked and eaten. The Cubs then expertly made shelters using only the materials they could find.
After a break for lunch, the Cubs then learnt a bit about the Great Escape and had a go at pulling themselves along inside a tunnel to escape. Laser tag was next and was a highlight of the day, according to the Cubs.

After this, the Cubs learnt a few of the exercises that members of the military might perform (the instructors at Go Outside are military and former military personnel). This left the Cubs suitably worn out. The last activity of the day was the hot lava assault course. Unable to touch the floor, the Cubs tackled various obstacles that ended with a trip down a slip ‘n slide and ending in a knee-high pool of water.

As you can see from the pictures, the Cubs were very tired by the end of the day and I hope they all had a good time.