About Us


Led by Rusty and supported by Bobtail and Ethan.

They have been running the Beaver colony for the last three years. They enjoy creating an exciting programme to enable the Beavers to attain as many badges as possible. They also enjoy taking the Beavers on adventures and giving them the opportunity to experience sleepovers and camps.


Akela leads our Cub Pack, ably supported by Dawn.

With over 20 years experience between them, they help to create an engaging programme and set a good example for the Cubs.


LEigh, Hugh and Kerry combine to deliver an exciting programme for the Scouts.

With over 15 years experience between them, they enjoy taking the Scouts away camping and leading them during water activities in the summer months.

Executive Committee

A Group Leader, a Chairperson, a Treasurer and a Secretary make up our executive committee.

The Executive Committee is made up of volunteers who aid the leaders in the running of the Scout Group as a whole.

Group History

1948 – Early Years: 58th Southport (Holy Family) Sea Scout and wolf Cub Group founded following a plea made from the pulpit by the Rev Father James Faulkner. John Delahunty was the first leader. The group chose to have a battleship grey neck scarf (representing the sea) with a red border (representing the Sacred Heart). The Group Executive Committee was formed in 1959.

Late 1960’s to Early 70’s - Merger: 58th merged with the 49th St Teresa’s Scout Group. Neck scarf changed to the more familiar one of today – yellow and white halves. Merger lasted until the 1980’s when the 49th group decided to reform.

Early 60’s to Mid 70’s – On the Move: Sea Scout Group moved from Holy Family Club Room (now known as the Parish Hall) first to the Everard Road boathouse, then to the ‘loft’ above two garages situated in Hawkshead St and eventually to the new Boathouse and Training Centre on the Marine Lake.

Mid 70’s – United Again: Holy Family School moved from the site next to the Church in Brompton Road to the site it now occupies in Norwood Crescent. Old school demolished except for the mobile classroom purchased some years earlier, which then became and still remains the Group’s home.

1990 – A new section: Beaver Colony established.

c2000 to Date - Refurbishment: Plans laid, monies raised and work undertaken to completely renew the Mobiles.

2018 – Our 70th Anniversary Year