Scouting Today

From the ages of six to twenty five, the Scout Association provides an enjoyable, attractive programme of training aimed at encouraging the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people. There are five sections:

Beaver Scouts: 6 - 8 years

Cub Scouts: 8 - 10½ years

Sea Scouts: 10½ - 14½ years

Explorer Scouts: 14½ - 18 years

Network Scouts: 18 -25 years

Each of the first three sections join together to make a Group, led by trained adult Leaders, watched over by a Group Scout Leader. Several such groups make up a District, led by the District Commissioner and a team of Assistant District Commissioners. A number of Districts in turn make up a County, with a County Commissioner and a team of Assistant County Commissioners. The Explorer Scouts are organised by the District Scout Leaders and the Network Scouts by the County Scout Leaders. The Scout Association sets all Policy, Organisation and Rules centrally.

The 58th Southport (Holy Family) Sea Scout Group includes Beaver, Cub and Scout sections. Once our members reach 14½, they 'move up' to the District Explorer Scout Unit (the District Explorer Scout Co-ordinator contacts them near their 14th birthday and invites them to a meeting). The Group is part of Southport District which, in turn, is part of Merseyside County.