Parent Information

Badges and Neck Scarves

These are provided by the Group when a member joins, but we have to charge for replacements. Blanket badges and non-scout badges are not permitted on the uniform of any member of the Scout Movement. Badges should be sewn on neatly and securely to minimise the chance of them snagging on anything and ripping a shirt or pulling a thread on a jersey. Before sewing on any badges, please ensure that they are in the exact position:

Beaver Badges

Cub Badges

Scout Badges

Buying a Uniform

These can be bought from branches and agents of Scout Shops Ltd - the nearest agent is Whittakers in London St - or from Items of uniform should always bear a label approving the garment to Scout Association standards. We suggest that sweatshirts, jumpers and caps are bought a little larger than required at the time of purchase. The uniform requirements for each section are as follows:

Group Neck Scarf: Yellow and White halves (with the white on the right).


Turquoise long-sleeved sweatshirt, bearing the Scout motif on the right arm

Grey long trousers or shorts with grey socks

Group neck scarf.


Dark green sweatshirt with Scout motif on arm

Group neck scarf and identifying Six woggle

Grey shorts with grey socks or grey long trousers.


Navy blue jersey with the words ‘Sea Scouts’ embroidered in white across the chest. Available here.

Group neck scarf

Navy blue trousers

Brown leather belt with buckle bearing the Scout badge

Sea Scout cap.

Parental Involvement

Parental involvement is a strong and essential part of Scouting. All groups have an Executive Committee made up of parents and supporters which, along with other parents, look after the administration and fund raising aspects of the group. If you feel you are able to help our Group in any way at all please contact us at

We're always looking for people to assist the group. If you have any special interest, talent, trade, profession or just keen on DIY please come forward and let us know. You may be able to help us and keep our costs down.

Parental Consent

Consent forms for camps and other special outdoor activities will be issued from time to time when your child is going to be away from home. These forms must be filled in otherwise we will be unable to take your son or daughter on the activity.