Help us raise money for free!

Do you buy things on-line?

The 58th Southport is registered with, If you log in there first, then navigate to your favourite on-line retailer and buy as usual, a percentage of the sale price is donated to us!

It won’t cost you anything

We get some much needed cash

They don’t bother you with anything other than the occasional email

Over 2000 retailers take part in the scheme – businesses like Amazon, Expedia, Marks and Spencer, Tesco, Comet, Dixons.

Here’s How:

First time only – register yourself on the site then nominate 58th Southport (Holy Family) Sea Scouts as your nominated charity (select ‘Find a cause’ then type ‘58th S’ into the search facility.

Whenever you shop on-line – log into, find the retailer you want and buy as usual. The percentage that will be donated will be shown – typically between 1 and 2.5%.

It’s really that easy!