Personal Challenge Badge

How to earn your badge:

You need to complete two personal challenges that you agree with your leader.

The Cub should choose one of the challenges. Your parent will choose the other. The challenges should be things that you find difficult but can complete with some effort and commitment. They can be to do with any part of your life, for example home, school or Cubs.

Here are some example challenges that we could normally suggest to give you an idea. Parents don’t have to pick a challenge from this list, you should choose to do something which is personal to you.

1 - Look after a new Cub for half a term

2 - Talk about a topic you are interested in with an adult you don’t know very well

3 - Bring the right equipment to Cubs every week for a term

4 - Remember to brush your teeth twice a day for two weeks

5 - Show good behaviour at Cubs for three weeks in a row

6 - Try something new that you are a bit nervous about

7 - Go to a District fun day and talk to some other Cubs you don’t know

8 - Try all of the food on Cub camp

9 - Bake a cake

11 - Remember to feed your pet every morning for a week

11 - Help to look after a sick or disabled friend or relative

Contact Us

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